Who We Are

A Professional Wetland Scientist

I am a certified Professional Wetland Scientist with 17 years of experience across 7 states and a wide range of ecosystems, project types, and regulatory environments.  I have worked on a wide range of project types and sizes:  small single-family residences; single and multifamily residential developments; commercial developments of varying types and sizes; utility corridors, roads, and pipelines; and large-scale projects extending over thousands of acres.  I can help you figure out what you need, what steps will get you there, and what people you’ll need to get the job done – no matter how big or small.

I am a no-nonsense person that respects your time and needs for a successful project, regardless of size.  If I’m not the right person for your project, I’ll tell you quickly and can help connect you with the right skillset to solve your challenges. I can help with a wide range of services from initial site assessments to project planning to full permitting support and guidance.  Environmental permitting can be a complicated collection of regulations. 

I’m here to help you find the best balance between your goals for your site and environmental constraints present.